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Hi everyone! I'm Kat (aka katbrat). I am a Content Producer, Entrepreneur, Visionary Thinker, and Public Speaker. My goal is to inspire and motivate work+life balance through games, technology, parenting, traveling and mindfulness. With over 20+ years as a mompreneur and military spouse, I have worked and collaborated with some of the finest professionals in technology, video games, STEAM education, and the military to bring you proven methods and experience to motivate and inspire work+life balance.
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Kat Mahoney is a 20+ years professional in content creation, game education and mental health, project management, and public speaking. From media, communications, event and electronic entertainment engagement, she has a reputation in physical and virtual community outreach.


Mrs. Mahoney attended Hawaii Pacific University for Computer Science, but spent her career utilizing media and technology for social influencing and engagement and helping professionals, educators, and parents balance work+life chaos through games and technology. She is also a Mental Health Technology Advisor on the Google Health Team, an Entrepreneur, Author, Mentor and Public Speaker.

In 2018 she Founded the PA S.T.E.A.M & Electronic Entertainment Festival  to help bring awareness to STEAM Education in Video Games and other Electronic Entertainment that combined STEAM concepts and positively engaging streams. 

Mrs. Mahoney was the previous Founder of Kids of America's Heroes, a military children’s organization that assisted military families overcoming adversity in mental health, career & life changes and connected military families, mental health professionals and school counselors. She is also the Author of the popular ROBBY THE C-130 military childrens book series under her first name, Beth Mahoney.

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Game Dev . Wilmington Univ

I've been interviewed by Kat a couple of times and she is always professional and a joy to work with! She's always in tune with her subject material and always ahead of the curve. She is passionate about tech and sharing it with others. I love speaking with her and hearing about all of her endeavors and projects!

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Business Consultant

I am honored to have met Kat at a military transitioning class. Quickly I noticed that she was a inspirational person that has an ability to present views in a logical manner. She has a highly motivated inner drive that challenges others to excel. Kat displays the ability to learn rapidly an adapt quickly to challenging situation and has proven to be a person who can turn potential into action by producing beyond normal expectations.

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CEO Industry Games

I was fortunate to work with Kat on our last project. She is professional and always prepared. I was also very impressed with her broad knowledge of technology and online multiplayer games. She uses that knowledge to report in a very sincere and impartial way that her followers appreciate. She did a great job interviewing and gathering information about our project, and because of that she is at the top of our list of people to allow access to our new products.


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