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Hi everyone! I'm Kat (aka katbrat). I am a Content Producer, Entrepreneur, Visionary Thinker, and Public Speaker. My goal is to inspire and motivate work+life+community balance through games, technology, parenting, traveling and mindfulness. I provide live streams, podcasts, seminars, and multimedia content creation for personal, professional, small business events, interviews, and product reviews.
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Event coverage and 15 minute shorts for audience capture

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OnAir Interviews, Product Reviews, and Discussions

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In-person seminars, workshops, and classes for teens and adults

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Game Dev . Wilmington Univ

I've been interviewed by Kat a couple of times and she is always professional and a joy to work with! She's always in tune with her subject material and always ahead of the curve. She is passionate about tech and sharing it with others. I love speaking with her and hearing about all of her endeavors and projects!

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Business Consultant

I am honored to have met Kat at a military transitioning class. Quickly I noticed that she was a inspirational person that has an ability to present views in a logical manner. She has a highly motivated inner drive that challenges others to excel. Kat displays the ability to learn rapidly an adapt quickly to challenging situation and has proven to be a person who can turn potential into action by producing beyond normal expectations.

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CEO Industry Games

I was fortunate to work with Kat on our last project. She is professional and always prepared. I was also very impressed with her broad knowledge of technology and online multiplayer games. She uses that knowledge to report in a very sincere and impartial way that her followers appreciate. She did a great job interviewing and gathering information about our project, and because of that she is at the top of our list of people to allow access to our new products.


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